Medical Practice Strategies:  Systems Based Practice - Business Laws Ethics

Janet Lerman, J.D.

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You may take CME tests immediately, upon completing and submitting the registration form below.  There is no CME credit currently available.

In order to register for the course, please mail your registration information, including payment by check to the following address:

Janet Lerman/Medical Practice CME, P.O. Box 35, Winnetka, IL  60093-0035

Please make payment to:  Janet Lerman. 

You are eligible to take the course when:

  1. Registration information and full payment is received by Janet Lerman/Medical Practice CME;
  2. Self-study for the associated class is completed; and 
  3. You pass the associated test with a grade of 90% or above for the class. 

Upon successful completion of all of the above, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you as proof of your completing the course. 

(Please use address that you want your CME certification form to be sent to)

Registration Information 

City, State, ZIP

Please check the appropriate class for which you are registering

All ten classes              30 CME hours    $120.00

Class 1   Overview of Managed Care       3.0 hrs   $12.00 

Class 2   Elements of Managed Care       3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 3   Primary Care Physicians           3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 4   Specialists                            3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 5   Quality and Utilization Review   3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 6   Physician Executive                3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 7    Medical Service Agreements     3.0  hrs  $12.00

Class 8   Medical Practice Models           3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 9   Perspectives/Managed Care      3.0 hrs   $12.00

Class 10 Laws and Public Policies            3.0 hrs   $12.00

Please make Checks payable to Janet Lerman and reference Medical Practice CME and the class you are registering for.

Total Payment by Check  $   

Check Number                    

Please print out this form and enclose printed copy with check payment to: Janet Lerman/Medical Practice CME, P.O. Box 35, Winnetka, IL  60093-0035.

Also, please submit registration form via e-mail by pressing "submit" button below.

Once you submit the registration form and payment, you proceed with taking the course. 

Note:  If you are handwriting the registration information as compared to typing the information, please print clearly.

CME credit is not currently available.  You will receive e-mail notification upon receipt of payment and upon successful completion of test.  Certificates of Completion to paid participants who have completed course requirements and successfully passed the CME test will be emailed.


Contact us: Please feel free to provide feedback or questions on this program or website by clicking the link.