Medical Practice Strategies:  Systems Based Practice - Business Laws Ethics

Janet Lerman, J.D.

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This course is divided into ten lessons (Classes).  To begin a class, click the appropriate selection.    Note:  For current events regarding each Class see the "New News" section for that Class

Class 1      Overview of Systems Based Practice

Class 2      Elements of Systems Based Practice:  How Health Care is Managed

Class 3      Primary Care Physicians

Class 4      Specialists

Class  5      Quality and Utilization Review

Class  6      Physician Executives

Class  7      Medical Service Agreements with Systems-Based Practice

Class  8      Medical Practice Models/ Integrated Delivery Systems

Class  9      Perspectives Regarding Systems-Based Practice: (1) Consumers; (2) Patients; (3) Providers such as physicians, hospitals, others; (4) Payors such as Employer Groups, Government (such as Medicare and Medicaid), and individuals purchasing health care benefits; (5) Health Plans, HMOs, PPOs, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Insurers; and (6) Laws and Public Policies encompassing all of the previously listed perspectives.

Class 10      Laws and Public Policies and Health Care Delivery Systems in Other Countries

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